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Angle ball valve without union, full flow manifolds

Item no. 0402493

The Angle ball valve without union, full flow manifolds, is specifically designed to be used for industrial and heating applications. Its butterfly handle enables easy usage in tight spaces.

The 90 degree ball valve is made from brass and has a female x female thread connection, with a working pressure of 40 bar.

Itap is well known for their high quality standards. Made by professionals in Italy for professionals all over the globe. Itap has over 30 quality certificates or hallmarks from organisations worldwide.

Connection: female thread x male thread
Operation: butterfly handle
Material: brass
Handle material: aluminium
Surface treatment: nickel plated
Size: 3/4" x 1"
Pressure: 40 bar
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60 piece(s)
Packaging qty: 60 piece(s)