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Ball valve with double union, type AK imperial

Item no. 0169998

The Ball valve with double union, type AK, made out of white PVC-U, has a imperial glue socket connection and a maximum pressure of 10 bar. Seal material PE/EPDM. All glue connections are according to EN-ISO 1452-3. The valves are available in a wide range of sizes.

AK series PVC ball valves are very well respected in pool construction because they still carry the same mounting dimensions.
Connection: imperial glue socket
Material: PVC-U
Operation: lever
Handle material: PVC-U
Colour lever: red
Material seal: PE/EPDM
Size: 1 1/2"
Pressure: 10 bar
Technical drawing E inch: 1 1/2 "
A mm: 148
B mm: 62
C mm: 93
D mm: 40
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1 piece(s)
Packaging qty: 16 piece(s)