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Elbow 90° adaptor

Item no. 0110170

The MEGA Elbow 90° adaptor, made out of PVC-U, has glue socket x female thread connection and works at a pressure of 16 bar. All glue connections are according to EN-ISO 1452-3 and female thread according to EN-ISO 228. The elbows are available in a wide range of sizes.

Bosta/Bevo products are high quality and of a professional standard offered at a competitive price. Bosta/Bevo offers reliability and quality. Bosta/Bevo offers reliable quality. Mega is a trusted brand in Industry, Pool, and agricultural products for pumping, irrigation, and animal feed systems.

Connection: glue socket x female thread
Material: PVC-U
Colour: grey
Type: reinforced
Size: 40 mm x 1 1/4"
Pressure: 16 bar
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1 piece(s)
Packaging qty: 25 piece(s)