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Hayward Salt chlorinator, type Salt & Swim 2.0

Salt & Swim 2.0 is an upgraded generation of Salt & Swim 3C. It covering a wide range of chlorine production which will treat pools of up to 150m3. Different colors will be indicated on the Led display according to different chlorine production configuration. A great combination with Pool pH ( part nr 7026540) to control pH values of the water. 


  • Easy installed in 20 mins (Cell included)
  • A wide range of chlorine production: 8, 16, 22, 33 g/h/cl
  • LED display to indicate production configuration
  • Transparent cell for better visual checks
  • Gas detector
  • Pool cover detection
  • 5 levels of chlorine production ( 20,40,60,80%)
  • Optional flow detector kit
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