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NaanDanJain Drip irrigation hose, type Amnon PC CNL 0.5 l/h

Item no. 7024194

The NaanDanJain Drip irrigation hose, type Amnon PC CNL 0.5 l/h is used in different applications such as: blueberries, strawberries, tomatoes, raspberries and other crops growing in tunnels and glasshouses that require fertigation.

The flat red dripper not only helps identify the Compensated Non-Leakage technology but this technology significantly increases the accuracy of the dripper by encasing the labyrinth mechanism inside the dripper whereas in the case of the round dripper the labyrinth comes in direct contact with the warm PE pipe causing it to have higher variations of flow. The super low flow of 0.5lph is unique in the industry and it allows you to irrigate your crom more precisely and more frequently with lower doses, additional it also allows to have longer laterals. This previously stated process and technology allows the Amnon dripper to work on a very low 3% C.V. and offer very high E.U. at 95%. The Compensted Non-Leakage (CNL) technology is ideal for pulse irrigation in high value crops where fertigation is important because of the special design in the inlet of the dripper. AMNON CNL mechanisms mantains a full system which ensures that all the drippers start and stop simultaneously and that all the plants receive the same amount of water independent if they are at the beginnign or at the end of the line. The recommended filtration is 100 micron.

NaanDanJain dripline technologies offer a range of cost-effective solutions for a wide range of crops. NaanDanJain's wide assortment includes pressure-compensating driplines with flat and round drippers in thin or thick wall configurations.

Material: PE
Colour: black
Size: 16 mm
Wall thickness: 1,15 mm
Flow: 0,5 ltr/h
Spacing: 40 cm
Length: 500 m
Max. Length: 400 m
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15000 meter
Packaging qty: 500 meter