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NaanDanJain Micro sprinkler medium range rotor, type Hadar 7110

Item no. 0610001

The NaanDanJain Micro Sprinkler, type 7110 medium range rotor can be used for any application or crop such as vegetables, fruit trees, orchards, nurseries, mushroom and herbs. The 7110 is also used in application such as climate control, propagation and a special model for pesticide applications.

The NaanDanJain Micro Sprinkler, type 7110 180° comes with a preassembled 3/8WW connection for direct installation on drilled PVC pipes. Connector can be also manually removed in order to make use of the 7110 standard bayonet base. The 7110 color coded nozzle system makes it easy to recognize the flow rate for calculation, maintenance and also for system design. In this case the 7110 180° can deliver a wetted diammeter of 3.0 to 3.7 meters and requires a filtration of 200 micron.

NaanDanJain is the world wide leader in micro irrigation solutions, with a range of applications: undetree irrigation, greenhouses, frost protection, climate control and pesticide spraying. NaanDanJain is known to deliver the highest performing products for precision agriculture and irrigation.

Connection: male thread
Material: plastic
Size: 3/8 WW
Sector adj. range: 360°
Type: Hadar 7110, medium range rotor
Nozzle size: 1,1 mm
Colour: red
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