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Rain Bird Spray head, type R-VAN

Item no. 7024228

The Rain Bird Spray head, type R-VAN is used with the 1800 series pop up. We recommend this spray head for efficient irrigation and garden installation.

The R-VAN nozzle series matches the precipitation rate of the 5000 series equipped with MPR nozzles which allow installations and the layout calculations are designed to be much simpler. The R-VANs produce larger drolets and thicker stream of water which allow them to have a high wind resistance therefore reducing water waste. Not only the R-VANs are compatible with all the 1800 series pop ups but their performance and versatility is unmatched by reducing running times by over 33% and by having a full range of adjustable, full circle ande strip nozzles that covers both large and small areas. The top is colored for easy radius and arc identification. Pressure ranges from 1.4 to 3.8 bar and the spacing ranges from 2.4m to 7.3m.

Rain Bird irrigation supplies ensure you maximize the effectiveness of the water you use.

Connection: UNC female thread
Material: plastic
Rec. press.: 1.7 - 3.4 bar
Suitable for: 1800 & UNI-Spray series
Size: 5/8"
Sector adj. range: 45°-270°
Capacity 3bar: 70-210 l/h
Radius 3bar: 4.3 m
Colour: blue
Type: R-VAN14
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